Welcome to the Rokpix, rock photography website.

All the photographs featured on this site are the work of Phil Mulvaney and combine my love of music and photography.

Although I listen to a wide variety of music, my photography is based on my enduring love of progressive rock in all its many forms.

This ranges from the roots of progressive rock in the early seventies, right through to the present, with the huge diversity of styles that now come under the prog rock banner.

There are still a large number of dedicated bands and musicians travelling the country, and indeed the world, flying the flag and endeavouring to widen the appeal of this type of music.

Most of these bands do it just for the love of it and to bring quality live music to their fans. Very few can make any money from it and actually end up losing money. It's a sad indictment of the current music industry that dedicated, hard working musicians who spend years honing their craft go unrecognised and unrewarded.

So this site is dedicated to them and hopes to show them where they are happiest and at their best - live on stage. Enjoy!

© 2011 All photographs are copyright Phil Mulvaney and may not be used or copied without permission